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This time is Shaharuddin Abdul Hamid. What a sight.


Anwar Ibrahim is very famous for its ability to change the "image" and "face" in many situations. When faced with the Malays, he said, "I am Malay, Islamic, I would not want to destroy the Malays."

But when he met with the Chinese in other words, the "coalition promised to restore the rights of the people including the Chinese, Indians, Malays when we conquer Putrajaya." Malay Muslims already lost the fight he says near the Malays.

One time while leading the ABIM (the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia) he is very keen to fight for Islam, but support Lina Joy apostasy. Most unforgettable is when interviewed Wall Street Journal about recognizing Israel's sovereignty if the PR ruled Malaysia.

Anwar clearly says: "Some refuse to recognize the state of Israel," he said, "but I think our policy Should be clear - protect the security [of Israel] but you must be as firm in protecting the legitimate Interests of the Palestinians . "(Cited WSJ)

("Some people refuse to recognize Israel," he said, "but I think we need clear policies - protecting the security (Israel), but you must be firm in protecting the interests of the Palestinian people.")

But when asked Anwar said he did not defend Israel said, two-faced policy. Anwar faces shown first ever to be punched while in Sungai Buloh Prison with a bruised face, he said to be HIV injection and so on, but now are in shape, ready to be on stage bejoget talks.

The closer to the 13th General Elections, are encouraged Anwar drama and multi-faceted with the public, for the sake of votes and Putrajaya.

Many people ask who the real Anwar Ibrahim? Is he a Muslim fighter or indeed a hypocrite? Or whether he was indeed a patriot who love only in countries that are willing to die fighting for the right race?

Or whether he was actually a traitor who is willing to gamble with the future of the country and the nation and the religion that they are willing to be stooges of foreign powers, just to grab a place in Putrajaya?

GE13: PM wants to tie up loose ends before calling for polls!

Source from The Star

PETALING JAYA: Many dates have been speculated for the dissolution of the Dewan Rakyat. They have all come and gone, leaving many a little tired of all the talk of “impending elections” that has been going on for more than a year now.

But there are good reasons for Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak not to call for national polls just yet.

I can think of at least four. Not in any particular order, let’s take first the intrusion of the Sulu gunmen in Lahad Datu and Semporna and the surrounding areas which took us all by surprise.

Even as the security forces are mopping up these areas, we still hear of shootouts every now and then.

With many parliamentary and state constituencies affected by the intrusion, it would be impossible for politicians to go there to campaign freely. These include the Silam and Semporna parliamentary constituencies and the Lahad Datu, Tungku and Kunak state seats.

Najib is certain to want to add to his record of achievements before the polls.

He would have completed four years in office on April 3. He is a very methodical person. He likes to follow things a certain way. He’s very punctual and meticulous and he has said that he wants to complete a lot of things before he calls for polls.

So I think there are still some things that he wants to settle and maybe put some finishing touches to his favourite projects.

He may have a few more programmes to announce in his fourth-year report card.

Then there is the Barisan Nasional list of candidates, which I understand has yet to be finalised.

Who will contest and where will all have to be settled before Najib can call for the 13th general election. I am told he will meet Barisan component party leaders today to tie up loose ends. Another consideration is the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition, which ends this Saturday.

So, has all the waiting caused “speculation fatigue”?

Yes and no.

Yes, because many Malaysians have put their lives on hold, postponing holidays and business trip!

Just what we girls want!

What girls want? We want to eat the hell out, wipe out all the desserts and NEVER GROW FAT! True?


Due to political fanaticism, some of them are willing to glorify political leaders get to this point.
The world is changing. What are we living on these days?



Tony Tan's case, both accused and defendant each has their own argument. So what was the cause and how did all this happened?
Tony Tan 陈志聪

At 2007,it is exposed to public that the donation collected by Tony Tan from a rich Sabah merchant had became publicity fees of DAP for the 2004 election .He stated that the original purpose of the donation is to help out the Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Spring of Malaysia. If it is really for the party's election publicity fees,DAP need not order Tony Tan to fly to Sabah to collect the money? Can't they ask the merchant to bank in the money directly into DAP's bank account? These are criticisms that has risen among the people.

At 16th July 2007,the media exposed that a religion organization said that Tony Tan did not make a clear statement on 3 to 5 million ringgit.But when a report was filed, the sum of money had increased to 8 million and six thousand ringgit.

Such a large amount of money, where has it gone to?


If you don't like, just shut up maybe?

Picture I found somewhere online.


Honestly speaking I think all Malaysians who are voters are actually thinking – whats so great about Parliament being dissolved early or later because at this present moment both sides of the political divide have already been campaigning as though voting is to be held tomorrow!
The political temperature has risen ever since
three years back and there is no sign it will go down even after polling because the ‘heat has burnt the iron right down to its core’.

While Prime Minister Najib Tun  Razak leads the ruling coalition in defending the and rebutting the opposition pact’s onslaught which the latter has conducted since immediately after the 2008 general election, the pact led by Anwar Ibrahim has been hammering into the minds of Malaysians the purported wrong doings and scandals and what nots done by leaders of the ruling party.

However, since Najib began going down to the streets and talking to ordinary Malaysians, the tide or political climate seems to change and at the present situation, Anwar and his pact are facing problems to convince or influence the ‘thinking’ voters.

Thinking voters, who are matured and wise enough to analyse the promises and pledges and the reality that are served, they have now decided which party to vote and the proof can be seen with members and supporters of the pact abandoning their ‘loyalty’ in droves.

In desperation, Anwar and the pact raised racial and religious issues that further angered the multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysians that see DAP and PAS facing internal conflicts among their members.

Before the issues can subside, the Lahad Datu incursion further put a slap to the pact’s position as Armed Forces and police personnel clearly lost trust in the pact and returned to the ruling coalition.

This is the scenario at present – opposition pact is grappling at anything to stop the erosion of support and influence while Najib and BN are getting back the trust from the people.

And whether the Parliament is dissolved anytime now or later, the scenario is clear – BN is still the favourite – no matter what the pact leaders said.

DAP owner Lim Kit Siang tries his psychological war tactic – opposition pact would win seven states – the same old song played by Anwar.
It does not work anymore because voters see through the bluff – voters are no longer having the 2008 ‘anger and emotions’ because they already see the happenings in  states ruled by the opposition pact and they also see the truth from lies that have been pumped to them all this while.
In short, voters are wiser and smarter now and this puts the pact in a desperate position where they now resort to political gangsterism.

Source : Unknown

We gotta learn to calm our tits!

WikiLeaks Expose Anwar Ibrahim's Involvement With Misuari!

RM6 million is part of the costs incurred by SUARAM to finance terrorist Sabah Kiram who invaded and killed six members of the national security. 

Without the financial support of terrorists is certainly not be able to buy modern weapons as the prices are very expensive. Starting to wonder?

Who had served in SUARAM ?

One of the places I really wanna go.

Paris , Je T'aime
When would that be?

PR’s Desperate Attempt: Uses Opponent’s Influence To Bring Them Down

There is nothing more embarrassing than seeing a political party having to use its enemy’s influence to bring their enemy down. But, this is what Pakatan Rakyat is doing, using the influence of former Premier, Tun Mahathir, to bring down Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib.

It is clear that PR is aware that their party is beginning to lose its influence and that all of their leaders do not have enough ‘aura’ to influence rakyat.

They definitely thought of this tactic after seeing how wise all of Tun Mahathir’s opinions on Tun Abdullah’s leadership once back, has managed to influence rakyat about their dissatisfaction over Tun Abdullah’s leadership. From there, Tun Abdullah had to hand over his power to Dato’ Seri Najib, which is feared by the opposition.

The opposition’s fear over Dato’ Seri Najib was so obvious that they had to create a lot of accusations against him to ensure that he would not be the replacement for Tun Abdullah.

Sadly for opposition, their attacks over Dato’ Seri Najib only convinced rakyat that he is the best candidate.

Record even showed that Tun Mahathir has always been supporting Najib during the leadership crisis which happened in the government back then. It was recorded a few times that Tun Mahathir stated that his first choice was Dato’ Seri Najib, but he somehow made the wrong decision for giving the chance to Tun Abdullah due to the ‘seniority’ culture, and that he believed that Dato’ Seri Najib can wait because he was still young then.

However, the opposition ignored all of those statements and they choose to ‘hold onto’ Tun Mahathir’s recent statement when asked whether Dato’ Seri Najib needs to resign if BN lose or fall in the coming GE13. For your information, the same matter was asked once by Malaysian Insider a few months ago and today it was brought back and spread by PR social network.

As usual, Tun Mahathir answered the question without going around the bushes, that is how it should be anyways.

Considering that we are aware of Tun Mahathir’s consistency in standing by his statements, obviously knew the answer which Tun Mahathir would give. The proof, he made such statement to Tunku Abdul Rahman as well as Tun Abdullah Badawi when their leadership and support became weaker and the ruling party received bad results in elections.

So, for the opposition to use Tun Mahathir’s ‘standart’ response as their political interest to bring down Dato’ Seri Najib is just sad. It seem like they are really running out of issue to play with.

The weird thing is, this matter is used when rakyat themselves could see how Tun Mahathir roam around the country complimenting Dato’ Seri Najib’s leadership and urge rakyat to give full support towards the Prime Minister. He also quoted a few key economics which show great growth under the leadership of Dato’ Seri Najib and he always support any actions taken by the government.

Based on what is happening, what PR is trying to convey, saying that Tun Mahathir is not convinced with Dato’ Seri Najib does not make any sense at all. Especially when PR claim that Tun Mahathir ‘prefers’ Tan Sri Muhyiddin to lead the country.

The strategy to clash BN leaders will not work because it is just not true. UMNO and BN leaders are not like leaders of PKR or DAP, or PAS where they would often fight against one another thanks to their own party members. UMNO/BN no longer have such issue because leaders with such issue have all gone to the opposition.

Logically, any of Tun Mahathir’s thoughts and opinion, on who he ‘favors’ should not be part of PR’s issue. Why would PR depend on the influence of their enemy in order to gain rakyat’s support?

Lastly, Tun Mahathir’s statement today saying,”there are no other candidate which can lead Malaysia, other than Dato’ Seri Najib,” should be taken as the fullstop to the opposition’s desperate attempt.

Source : Unknown

Just because he didn't support PAS?

Realities of religious teachers who did not support PAS in Kelantan.
Picture over here says it all.

Overly Attached Girlfriend. Sounds familiar?



She's very beautiful :)


So, I am gonna start Fruit Frenzy Friday babes. Try it! It's so much fun and goodness! #TGIF

This is Hillarious!

Not that I want to make fun of any parties but this is somewhat true and also hillarious!
Source from : Blog Perak Kayangan

30 PKR and PAS members jump ship to join UMNO!

Thirty people claiming to be PKR and PAS members from Kampung Paya Kuala Teriang here have left the two parties to join Umno.


A Switzerland lady got raped by a few men in India? Goosebumps!

BHOPAL 17 Mac - Seorang pelancong wanita warga Switzerland dirogol secara berkumpulan di tengah India semalam dalam kes terbaharu keganasan seksual terhadap wanita.

Menurut polis, ketika kejadian mangsa sedang berbasikal bersama suaminya di negeri Madhya Pradesh, sebelum didatangai tujuh atau lapan lelaki yang menyerang pasangan itu kelmarin.

Kumpulan penyerang itu dilaporkan merompak pasangan tersebut, sebelum merogol wanita terbabit di hadapan suaminya.

Kes tersebut berlaku selepas seorang pelajar perubatan mati akibat dirogol secara berkumpulan di dalam sebuah bas di New Delhi pada Disember lalu. - AFP


Emma Watson is Natural Beauty!

Emma Watson was always different from the others. She's doing it right and becoming prettier day by day! She is being fearless and recently had a photoshoot, naked! Exclusively in a book titled Natural Beauty. Not only just appear without clothes, her hair and body are also deliberately made with wet pretty flowers as decoration to the appearance of the 22-year-old star. According to sources, Emma is not the first actress to do so in Natural Beauty because artists such as Christy Turlington, Adrian Grenier, Brooke Shields, Arizona Muse and Elle Macpherson had done it way before her.

"Natural Beauty created to glorify the beauty of nature as well argue that we must fight for what is missing from us. By having a project like this, I hope it will spark awareness among the younger generation, "said the source.

Parliament’s term expires on April 29!

Source from The Star :

“This has been calculated by our legal adviser who said April 29 is the last day of Parliament,” Abdul Aziz added.
“It must be stated clearly to avoid any confusion or dispute from any party or individuals.”
Abdul Aziz confirmed that Parliament would automatically dissolve at midnight of April 30.

“Our aim is to have a peaceful and smooth general election.”

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Good Morning, all you lovely people! Congratulations! You've survived yesterday! Take today as a new day, a new challenge for you to go through. If you've survived end of today, kudos to all of you. You're brave and most of all, you're beautiful. When we talk about beautiful, it doesn't necessary applies on women. All livings especially human beings, yeah you. You're the most beautiful thing that our almighty God, created. Well, unless you're a cat or a puppy reading this, oh well you're beautiful too! 

Cheers to a beautiful day. Lotsa love xx