Friday, 29 March 2013


Tony Tan's case, both accused and defendant each has their own argument. So what was the cause and how did all this happened?
Tony Tan 陈志聪

At 2007,it is exposed to public that the donation collected by Tony Tan from a rich Sabah merchant had became publicity fees of DAP for the 2004 election .He stated that the original purpose of the donation is to help out the Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Spring of Malaysia. If it is really for the party's election publicity fees,DAP need not order Tony Tan to fly to Sabah to collect the money? Can't they ask the merchant to bank in the money directly into DAP's bank account? These are criticisms that has risen among the people.

At 16th July 2007,the media exposed that a religion organization said that Tony Tan did not make a clear statement on 3 to 5 million ringgit.But when a report was filed, the sum of money had increased to 8 million and six thousand ringgit.

Such a large amount of money, where has it gone to?


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