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Auditor juga detect yang perbezaan baki tertunggak yang direkod dalam buku kedua-dua pihak dapat diselesaikan dengan mengambil kira hutang yang telah dihapus kira oleh SAP sebelum ini. Hutang tersebut adalah dari anak2 syarikat Talam iaitu; Maxisegar Sdn Bhd, Expand Factor Sdn Bhd and ABRA Development Sdn Bhd, yang berjumlah  RM15,001,451.90.

Secara ringkasnya, hutang dari Talam ke SAP ialah seperti berikut;

Jumlah Hutang (RM)
Hutang Talam Group ke KHSB
Hutang yang tidak Termasuk
Hutang kasar
Hutang oleh Talam Yang Dihapuskira oleh SAP
Hutang bersih Talam ke KHSB

Mengikut perjanjian untuk menyelesaikan hutang bertarikh 3 November 2009 antara KHSB, Permodalan Negeri Selangor (PNSB), Pendidikan Indutri YS Sdn Bhd (PIYSB), TCB dan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor . TCB confirm amount yang tertunggak adalah sebanyak RM391,986,473.00 kepada syarikat berikut;

(i) KHSB - RM115,101,407.00
(ii) PNSB - RM28,208,066.00
(iii) PIYSB - RM248,677,000.00
(Dikenali sebagai "hutang-hutang" pada muka surat seterusnya")
Mengikut perjanjian tersebut, Talam mesti menyelesaikan hutang dalam waktu yang ditetapkan. Kegagalan utk menyelesaikan hutang tersebut menyebabkan Talam dikenakan interest sebanyak 6% per annum terhadap baki yang tertunggak.
Walau bagaimanapun, auditor detect yang interest sebanyak RM58,400,113.79 tidak diambil kira oleh Talam dalam laporan kewangan mereka walaupun hutang tersebut telah dipersetujui oleh pemiutang2 seperti yang dinyatakan di atas. !!!

(Akauntan Bertauliah yang tidak didedahkan namanya. Terima kasih)


Lim Kit Siang has been hopping from one constituency to another in the last 10 general elections.

For this 13th general election, he will again move from Ipoh Timur to contest a seat in Gelang Patah, making it the 19th seat that he is contesting.

In total, Kit Siang has contested in 10 parliamentary and eight state seats. He has contested in Selangor, Penang, Malacca and Perak.

After fooling the people in four other states, this time he is eyeing Johor as his next target.

His nomadic actions of abandoning the parliamentary seats he has won does not auger well in serving the interest of the electorates. It is utter betrayal of the people who have put their trust in him.

He should be sincere in serving the electorates, and not abandon them and use them as a stepping stone.

It is like marrying one woman, then divorcing her and marrying another woman. If the number of times that he had contested is translated into marriages, Kit Siang would have gotten married 18 times.

Just a simple question. Would a man who is married for 18 times be someone who is credible, trust worthy, and responsible.

Who does Kit Siang think the electorates are? After having his way of satisfying his political lust, he abandons the people.

He should not go about treating electorates as tools, just to vote him in and to satisfy his political ambition.

For the record, Kit Siang suffered five defeats. They are:

Serdang state by-election in 1968
Bandar Hilir state seat in 1982
Tanjung Bungah state seat in 1995 (defeated by Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon)
Bukit Bendera parliamentary seat in 1999 (defeated by former Gerakan secretary-general Chia Kwang Chye)
Kebun Bunga state seat in 1999 (defeated by Dr Teng Hock Nan)
The Gelang Patah electorates should be mindful of Kit Siang’s ploy of constantly changing seats.

He knows very well that his constituents will eventually vote him out as he does not have a service record and has to resort to being a hit and run politician.

Kit Siang, please stop marrying more wives than you can handle. Age is catching up. It is time you retire gracefully instead of shamefully.

Don’t betray your loyal supporters by moving from one seat to another. And don’t be greedy. How much more pension you want from contesting more seats.


The battle for Gelang Patah Parliamentary seat in Johor is getting hotter with DAP making a 14 points declaration aimed at giving more convincing attempts to emerge as victorious.

One of the points is to alleviate the socio-economic status of the Indians, which is seen as a ‘ploy’ given that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) manifesto did not even mention anything about the community.

The Indian community, majority of whom had abandoned MIC, its representative in the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition ion 2008 general election and voted for PR, is now crying foul as the PR-led states have neglected their grievances if not existence.

Announced by none other DAP advisor himself Lim Kit Siang who is contesting the seat, Lim’s attempt is seen as ‘a desperate attempt in the final assault’ to clinch every single vote he can from the 100,000-odd voters.

It comprises of 54.3 percent Chinese, 33.85 percent Malays and 11.7 percent Indians and the constituency is an urban seat.

Gelang Patah seat is held by MCA Tan Ah Eng when he won it in 2008 general election with a majority of 8,851 votes against PKR’s Zaliha Mustafa.

Given the majority won by MCA in 2008, Lim sees that ignoring the Indians would be fatal for him if the Chinese do not give him a hundred percent support and hoping for PKR and PAS members and supporters to throw their support would not be sufficient.

The declarations that is considered as a ‘sandiwara’ by MIC Youth chief T. Mohan, similar opinions are also expressed by members of BN coalition parties.

Former BN assemblyman for Templer Park in Selangor Datuk Ahmad Bahari Abdul Rahman questioned why was it that DAP did not come out with policies on marginalized Malays and amrginalised Chinese?
“Since this is not contained in PR manifesto, is the DAP doing this without PR’s approval just to win the Indian votes and will the declaration be fulfilled after winning the seat?” he asked.

Given that PR through the DAP is attempting to make a ‘dent’ or if possible penetrate the Umno bastion, Gelang Patah will see a vigorous battle that is considered as a ‘do or die’ battle for Lim in his career in politics.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has already set foot there to defend from the push of Lim’s assault.

Dr Mahathir had called on the voters there to bury Lim’s political career.
However, given fact that majority of the voters are Chinese, Lim may just stand a chance to win as the voters may still want a vocal representation in Parliament.

Or will Lim end like the Tanjung project in 1999 where he lost to Gerakan’s Koh Ksu Koon.

PR’s Tactic In Demanding For Indelible Ink: Everyone Should Be Prepared

Malaysia is not a perfect country, but it is not much for us to say that there is nothing significant should be fought in this country other than strengthening the identity of its rakyat. This country is good enough that it could function in peace, stable and prosperous. The only thing it needs is upgrades, not drastic change.

And this is why it is a bit challenging for those who want to bring down the government, in terms of finding issues that are significant enough for them to win.

Thus, like it or not, they had to accuse, create or raise issues which are not significant enough to become issues. That is why, the issues they play are not genuine, which only gives bad impact. For example, the issue of ISA or even using indelible ink for elections.

That is why, we have had our doubts on the opposition’s demand to use indelible ink in elections. The system seem ‘primitive’, and it is vulnerable to all kinds of manipulation other than the fact that it is inefficient. It is weird to see how the opposition really work hard to fight for it while rejecting the biometric system which is much more reliable and advanced.
Sadly, the demand from opposition was not stopped with strong argument, the indelible ink system was then approved even though everyone is aware of its weakness.

Now, as election draws closer, a few sides revealed the opposition’s dirty tactics involving indelible ink. Such tactic has been detected a long time ago and it could have been avoided. Yesterday, Anwar’s former strongman, Dato’ Zulkefli Nordin has revealed how indelible ink will be manipulated by the opposition during voting hours.

According to him, the way it is manipulated by smearing voters’ fingers a few days before they vote. As they are blocked from casting their vote, they will say that ‘UMNO forced them to smear their fingers before voting day to avoid them from voting’. From there, ‘their goons’ will be ready to trigger chaos and claim that EC is not transparent.

If those voters are not blocked and observers confirmed that the ink is not the ink used by EC, and that their name is not crossed yet, ‘their goons’ will trigger chaos and claim that EC is not transparent.

They only have one objective, accusing that EC is not transparent as well as causing chaos until the election result is not rejected.

What PR might have missed iis, it is illogical if they want to accuse EC or UMNO/BN/Government for manipulating indelible ink because it has been proven that EC, UMNO, BN or Government did not favor the system. It would make more sense if the ones who pushes for the approval of the system, PR, has early plans to manipulate it.

Malaysians are not as stupid as PR supporters who would accept anything that is thrown to them. Most Malaysians often use logic to evaluate something. The proof, Malaysia remain in peace under BN leadership since the past half a century.

Besides, this is not the first time PR made this kind of mistake. Before Lahad Datu incident, PR kept on mentioning the matter ‘Sabah will be gone’. The same thing goes to before BERSIH demo turned violent, PR kept on mentioning the matter of police brutality. They are using the same tactic for this indelible ink issue, claiming that it will be manipulated by BN, when PR themselves will manipulate the whole thing.

PR, such tactic is no longer relevant because rakyat is aware of of you.
A baseless fight, without any solid, valid or genuine issue is certainly tough to stay relevant. Accusations and lies need to be improved from time to time and by the end of it, it will just backfire.

Even though this tactic has been revealed, do not think that PR will not go with it. Do believe that they will proceed with this because they know that some of their supporters and a few Malaysians did not receive this information and they would simply believe their lies.

Conclusion is, PR really depends on those kind of votes, voters who do not know anything. Thus, if BN can ensure that rakyat could gain the right information, all that is left for PR are those who do not know.

Whatever it is, everyone should be careful to ensure that PR’s dirty tactic will not happen on voting day. Camera, CCTV, and observers should be stationed at every corner to ensure that GE13 will run smoothly, clean and just as always.

Dissolved: Proven That PR Is Scared

While waiting for the Prime Minister to announce the dissolution of Parliament, Pakatan Rakyat was the one which seemed most anxious. Dozens of speculations were made regarding why the Parliament was still yet to be dissolved even though before this they were the one who were in rage of the Prime Minister speeds up election.

PR accuses the Prime Minister as scared, unprepared, some even imagined that Prime Minister intentionally delaying the dissolvement  because he wants to trigger chaos> It seems that PR is going crazy.
At the same time, PR did not even dissolve the DUN at states led by them. As they went around saying that they are convinced that they are able to win in more states, they kept on waiting until the parliament is dissolved.

In the end, what PR has been waiting for finally happened yesterday.
We thought that PR would take it as ‘something expected’, instead, PR claimed that the dissolvement only happened because PM has been receiving a lot of pressure from many sides. Only after PM announced the dissolvemet, PR announced theirs.

With that, we cannot understand when was the right date in the eyes of PR for PM to announce the dissolvement. What we see is, if it’s early it’s wrong, late is also wrong.

This is what happens when PR is really running out of ideas at the last minute. All of their bomb have been used and it did not benefit them at all. And in the end, when the real war begins, they had to fight without any weapons, all they can do is just mock and mock and mock.

The kalimah Allah issue which was hoped to be the weapon to drag non-Muslim voters away from BN has backfired. The Lahad Datu issue which was expected to be a nuclear bomb destroying BN, only increased unity, making BN stronger. Other issues such as Altantuya, scorpene and EC for instance, have been resolved with PR losing badly.

Fact is, PR’s prediction on GE day was wrong. They have been campaigning for four years, everyday, non-stop. Throwing accusations, playing with weak issues should definitely be tiring. This is because most of the stories they brought up somehow change from time to time  to ensure that it stays relevant.

Finally, the strategy to confuse rakyat to raise support has gotten PR confused.

Thus, the one who is scared, is not BN, but PR themselves. That is why they did not have the guts to dissolve DUn at their states a lot earlier.
We know that PR still could not settle the issue of candidates and seats. We always hear complains regarding Anwar Ibrahim being a dictator, Lim Guan Eng’s arrogance as well as Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz being stupid.
PAS is never respected in Penang and Selangor. DAP is not respected in Kedah, PAS Kelantan obeys to DAP Perak that they even gave them land in kelantan. 

Not just that, logs in Kedah is almost finished, water supply in Selangor is drying up, lands in Kelantan are given away and the only one who is not losing anything is DAP Penang and they are busy implementing unnecessary mega projects, and not being transparent.
It is clear, PR is nervous to face the election. Their divide and rule tactics by spreading racism, only brought to a stronger unity among Malaysians.

Too bad for PR, as the war comes, all they can do is just play with the ‘parliament dissolvement’ issue.

Vote For Good Party, You Will Be Given Heavenly Reward – Nik Aziz

As Nik Aziz once again kept on repeating his ‘vote PAS for heavenly reward’ fatwa, PAS cyber machine had to work hard to deny it by saying that the media has misinterpret it. According to PAS cyber machine, Nik Aziz did not mean it that way, instead, his statement needs to be studied on how voting for PAS, one could gain heavenly reward.

To explain it further, PAS presented the chronology on how voting for PAS could lead to heavenly reward, it is because of all the good deeds which PAS has done. The chronology was spread in the internet as a response to all the criticism made against Nik Aziz.

The following are PAS’ good deeds (as listed in the chronology):
1. Increasing spiritual campaigns such as prayers, covering aurat, qaryah Ramadhan (fact is, PAS leaders themselves are involved with chronic moral decay issues).
2. Not awarding gambling licenses (fact is gambling still thrive in Kelantan with the excuse that Islam does not have the rights).
3. Changing the state financial transaction to eliminate the element of riba – (fact is, PAS never introduce their own financial system, instead, they are famous for embezzling money from Kohilal shares as well as the money which belong to Memali orphans.

Because PAS has done all of these good deeds, voting for PAS would lead to heavenly reward. That is how they say it.

If we are to take the same approach where voting for a party which does good deeds could help us gain heavenly rewards, we would get a lot more if we are to vote for UMNO. Few of the list on UMNO’s good deeds include:

1. Providing a lot of facilities to increase religious teachings in terms of finance, as well as development to produce more religious teachers as well as religious figures.
2. Developing infrastructure as platform to implement spiritual religious activities as well as the development of Islamic syiar.
3. Building mosques, surau and madrasah to strengthen Islamic teachings towards the society.
4. Urges for ummah unity no matter from which party they belong to.
5. Introduced Islamic banking as early as 1963.  Islamic banking is banking or banking activity that is consistent with the principles of sharia and its practical application through the development of Islamic economics. Sharia prohibits the fixed or floating payment or acceptance of specific interest or fees (known as riba, or usury) for loans of money.
It was first introduced when Perbadanan Wang Simpanan Bakal-Bakal Haji (PWSBH) was established. PWSBH was introduced as an institution for Muslims to make their deposits as preparation to perform their hajj in Mecca. In 1969, PWSBH merged with Hajj Affairs Office to form Lembaga Urusan dan Tabung Haji (now known as Lembaga Tabung Haji).
6. Introduced state of the art system and facilities for Muslims to perform hajj via Tabung Haji.
7. Making sure that rakyat receive basic needs and always work to increase rakyat standard of living.
8. Ensures that Islam is defended as official religion under the constitution.
9. Establishing various departments and organizations to observe and provide guidance in terms of Islamic matters.
10. Ensuring peace and sovereignty of the country.

The list is just part of all the good deeds done by UMNO where PAS cannot even compete with. We are yet to compare religious issues and how UMNO is compared to pas when it comes to handling them, they include:

1. Kalimah Allah issue – PAS in 2010, strongly defended DAP and urged UMNO to approve the distribution of Bahasa Melayu translated bibles which uses kalimah Allah as reference to Christian’s Lord. However, recently, PAS took a U-turn which troubles DAP and PKR over the hypocrite ‘Islamic’ party. However, UMNO government stood with the decision to restrict the distribution and up until now, still waiting for the appeal in court to restrict the distribution of those Bibles.
2. Hudud issue – Back then, PAS really wanted to implement hudud if they win, but after working alongside DAP, PAS decided to withdraw the stand. Since then, including their last Muktamar (General Assembly), Hadi Awang officially pledged that he will be defending the current law if PAS do win.
3. LGBT issue – PAS is willing to have Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister and stated that the law forbidding homosexuals are old and it needs to be changed.
4. Apostate issue – PAS decided to sack Hasan Ali who has contributed a lot for the party, just so that they would not offend DAP as DAP was involved in the issue of apostatising Muslims as well as PKR, which often fight defending Muslims’ rights to convert to other religion.
5. Israel issue – Willing to have Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister who supports the security of Israel as well as acknowledged Israel as a country when he signed the ‘Annapolis Summit 2007’.

Besides that, when it comes to comparing good deeds, we also should compare the badness between PAS and UMNO to see who we should vote later.

UMNO’s bad side as accused by PAS:

1. Corrupt
2. Rejects Islam
3. Cronyism
4. Nepotism
5. Scandal with women

We cannot deny those claims which was accused against UMNO because we do accept the fact that UMNO is not perfect. Thus, all UMNO leaders who have been found guilty in any charges, will be investigated and given the right sentence. 

However, we should now look at PAS’ dark side:

1. Corrupt: The case of Ariffahmi, Nik Aziz’s son in law, case of awarding land to DAP, ladang rakyat case etc.
2. Rejects Islam – based on the list above  as well as the fact that PAS likes to go against Islamic teachings which promotes unity between ummah, prohibits sentencing other through Allah’s law etc.
3. Cronyism -  giving posts and projects to their own goons as happened in Kedah,  Kulim Hi-tech Park, KUIN etc.
4. Nepotism – Nik Aziz’s in-laws and children being involved in politics as well as having posts.
5. Scandals with women – adultery between friends’ wives has somehow become a trend for PAS.

Unlike UMNO, PAS decided to deny all of the claims made against their leaders despite of all the concrete evidence. Some PAS members even changed evidence and gave false statements just to protect their leaders. If their actions were revealed, Nik Aziz is willing to forgive them, like those Christian Priests.

So, it is clear that UMNO has done more good deeds than PAS. However, even after being accused of being jahil, kafir or apostate, UMNO never toy around with religious law when it comes to politics. UMNO knew that reward and sins are up to Allah, and no matter what, UMNO will never take such task.

What UMNO do know is that it will perform its tasks as a political party which is responsible to strengthen ummah. Other than that, it is up to those out there to choose the right party in the coming election.

Anwar Dissolved Wan Azizah’s Camp

‘Wan Azizah’s service is no longer needed’. That is what Anwar Ibrahim was trying to imply as he announced that his wife, who is also the President of PKR, will not be contesting in GE13. It is quite weird to know that Wan Azizah, as President to the party, did not announce the matter herself, instead, she let her husband announce the matter on her behalf, like a good housewife.

However, it is not impossible that the announcement was made by Anwar without the approval from Wan Azizah as President, how she only approved it for being his wife.

All these while, Wan Azizah is only needed to gain sympathy from rakyat when Anwar was in jail during his sex scandal issue. Wan Azizah’s task was to show the world that Anwar is a good husband. Now, with Anwar out of jail and the latest sex scandal shows that it is not the main factor in facing election, Wan Azizah’s service is no longer needed.

It is understood that the excuse given by Anwar to Azizah is to avoid from being criticized for practising nepotism. Nurul Izzah os enough, says Anwar, Wan Azizah can focus on her grandchildren.

Actually, in PKR, this announcement is something expected. This is because, recently, Anwar often describe Wan Azizah as nuisance because her presence causes tension among leaders.

Wan Azizah’s jealousy is making it tough for Anwar to ‘operate’ freely in party meetings. It seems like what was revealed by Mohd Fareez Kamal Intidzam, the aide of Ampang MP political Secretary, Zuraida Kamaruddin is proven to be correct where Wan Azizah gets jealous whenever Anwar gets close to any men.

Fareez’s urge so that Wan Azizah should be ‘put aside’ for the sake of the party seemed successful when Anwar chooses to support the young man, instead of his own wife.

The disunity within PKR top leadership is no longer a secret. Rakyat who follow the political scene in Malaysia is aware that Wan Azizah and Azmin Ali can never see eye to eye thanks to the intimate relationship between Azmin and his wife, Shamsidar with Anwar. Thus, the effort to push each other aside has never stopped.

Wan Azizah’s camp shows strong support from her daughter, Nurul Izzah as well as Khalid Ibrahim. Just like how Wan Azizah sees it, Khalid also sees Azmin as a dangerous enemy because he is crazy for power.

Azmin puts himself even higher than Wan Azizah even though the woman is the President of the party. And Fareez is suspected to be the weapon used by Azmin to eliminate Wan Azizah. It is not impossible that the efforts to eliminate Nurul Izzah is also going on, however, this would not be easy, because Anwar really love his daughter.

Anwar’s actions has caused everyone in the party lose their respect for Wan Azizah as President.

That is why, the reason why Wan Azizah is still in the party is due to sympathy. Besides that, those who chooses to stay in her camp are the ones who do not favor Azmin. With Wan Azizah out of the picture, the camp should have been dissolved on its own, unless Nurul Izzah could prove herself to Anwar that she is better than Azmin Ali.

Perhaps Anwar was right to eliminate Wan Azizah because the decision should help avoid disunity among top leadership. However, it is hard for us to understand how Anwar chooses to provide support to Azmin’s camp, instead of his wife.

Even though we could not understand it, we are not shock with this because we are well aware that Wan Azizah is at the bottom of Anwar’s priority list. Everyone know that the person Anwar love the most is himself, followed by Azmin and his scandals, and then his children, and at the bottom, his wife.

That is why, not that we want to ruin Anwar’s marriage, but we pity Wan Azizah as she kept on making a fool of herself for the sake of a sodomite and a betrayer. And for what?