Friday, 29 March 2013


Anwar Ibrahim is very famous for its ability to change the "image" and "face" in many situations. When faced with the Malays, he said, "I am Malay, Islamic, I would not want to destroy the Malays."

But when he met with the Chinese in other words, the "coalition promised to restore the rights of the people including the Chinese, Indians, Malays when we conquer Putrajaya." Malay Muslims already lost the fight he says near the Malays.

One time while leading the ABIM (the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia) he is very keen to fight for Islam, but support Lina Joy apostasy. Most unforgettable is when interviewed Wall Street Journal about recognizing Israel's sovereignty if the PR ruled Malaysia.

Anwar clearly says: "Some refuse to recognize the state of Israel," he said, "but I think our policy Should be clear - protect the security [of Israel] but you must be as firm in protecting the legitimate Interests of the Palestinians . "(Cited WSJ)

("Some people refuse to recognize Israel," he said, "but I think we need clear policies - protecting the security (Israel), but you must be firm in protecting the interests of the Palestinian people.")

But when asked Anwar said he did not defend Israel said, two-faced policy. Anwar faces shown first ever to be punched while in Sungai Buloh Prison with a bruised face, he said to be HIV injection and so on, but now are in shape, ready to be on stage bejoget talks.

The closer to the 13th General Elections, are encouraged Anwar drama and multi-faceted with the public, for the sake of votes and Putrajaya.

Many people ask who the real Anwar Ibrahim? Is he a Muslim fighter or indeed a hypocrite? Or whether he was indeed a patriot who love only in countries that are willing to die fighting for the right race?

Or whether he was actually a traitor who is willing to gamble with the future of the country and the nation and the religion that they are willing to be stooges of foreign powers, just to grab a place in Putrajaya?

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