Thursday, 18 April 2013

Othman Abdul WIll Bring Mat Sabu Down In Pendang

If PAS is a sane party, they would never let people like Mat Sabu get listed as senior leaders. If PAS is supported by sane people, there is no way Mat Sabu would be taken as a great speaker.

This is because sane people will never be able to accept to hear ‘empty ceramah’ given by Mat Sabu. However, this is how PAS is, followed by those who are insane.

Mat Sabu is famous among senior leaders of Syiah Movement in Kedah and the Syiah movement is said to be spreading fast after PAS took over Kedah as well as when Mat Sabu was appointed as Deputy President of the party.

Mat Sabu also until now fail to clear his name from his adultery scandal including the phone sex between his scandal  happens to be the wife of his own friend. Besides that, is also known to be DAP’s  water-boy in implementing history-changing agenda, acknowledging communists as well as pushing Malays.

However, PAS still chooses to defend him.

Thus, is it wrong for us to refer to PAS as ‘insane’?

As for the coming GE, Mat Sabu is listed to contest. It is previously said that Mat Sabu has been ‘roaming around’ looking for constituencies because things seem a little tough for him. In the end, PAS decided for Pendang Parliament for Mat Sabu, perhaps to prepare him as Religious Minister, if PR wins the GE.

PAS’ action in not considering Dr. Hayati Othman who has been the assemblywoman for this constituency for two terms, proves how PAS believe that people in Pendang can be fooled easily.

In terms of facts,s PAS’ confidence seem too high. We are convinced that people of Pendang are sane. From 1986 to 1999, the constituency was represented by UMNO via Datuk Othman Abdul.

PAS only took over when they placed their highest figure, Allahyarham Datuk Fadzil Noor in 1999. When Dato’ Fadzil Nor died, UMNO won the place and PAS only took back the constituency via Dr. Hayati in 2004, and she remained there until 2008.

Being there for two terms showed that Dr. Hayati is one of PAS’ effective representatives. Thus, pushing her aside, to be replaced by Mat Sabu, a Syiah cum adulterer and water-boy for the kafir is a huge ‘gamble’ for PAS.

Especially when Mat Sabu has to face the three term seat holder, Dato’ Othman Abdul.

What is more interesting, Dato’ Othman Abdul’s supporters are not the only thing which mat Sabu will have to face, he also has to face supporters of Kedah Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak.

Everyone is aware with the broken relationship between Azizan and Mat Sabu, through Syiah channels which led by Phahrolrazi, Kedah exco who challenged Azizan in open and rude back then.

Azizan is said to hate the Syiah group in PAS, however, he had to tolerate with them due to intervention from central. PAS supporters in Kedah, mostly choose to stand behind Azizan.

This makes it hard for Mat Sabu, giving more chance to Dato’ Othman Abdul for the win.

Thus, with a little hard work, we are certain that Dato’ Othman Abdul will be able to bring Mat Sabu down in Pendang.

Lets not think about Mat Sabu’s stupidity, lets just let him make a fool of himself in his ceramah. We are sure that rakyat in Pendang are sane enough to not give the win to candidates such as Mat Sabu.

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